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It is said that in film, everything starts with the script, and that the script is the most important element.


I have always felt that not to be actually  true. I think first comes feelings, that give birth to ideas, which in turn are organized into story. This in turn can be visualized through many different mediums including design, scripts and storyboards.


What is important is the idea   that things like scripts should change dynamically throughout the production process, always serving the emotions of the scene, informed by the ideas or themes of the story.

Regardless, my process is to develop the idea through a treatment, then go right into boarding, then work everything until it all feels right.

Jian  Example Designs

I created this simple little project to show my storyboarding process. The idea I had was a young magician's apprentice, out to prove herself, hears of a disturbance near a gate. Arming herself with the tools of her trade, she goes to investigate. Before the storyboards I had to do some designs. I needed the characters, props and environment. 

Jian Example Storyboards

After doodling some elements, it was time to tell the story. I really love storyboarding, as it's when the idea come to life. I spend time thinking about the cinematography, timings, performance, etc. as I board, so my boarding process is a little slower then what you'd see with a professional storyboard artist. Since I'm the director as well as the production artist this makes sense to me, as I'm trying to see the production as a whole and work things out as I go.

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